Full Shot List


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This is the full shot list that Gwilym and myself are going to be using, this spans across the whole song.

Each highlighted section represents a different verse, with the blue being the chorus


Production Log MM – 01/02/17


Asked permission for black material so that we can film from inside the car whilst keeping continuity.



Unfortunately, due to our actor playing Becca being inept, we are no longer filming today.

Created a shot list for the 3rd:shot-list-for-pl-03



Gwilym and I have come up with the company named ‘Mixolydian Display’. The title comes from a musical term for a medieval scale going from G to G. We think this is an effective name because no one else uses it and it stands out whilst still being relatively memorable. Along with this the logo reflects the absurdist aspect of the name and is similarly abstract.


‘Mixolydian Display’ logo

9 Key Shots – ‘The Car Song’ – The Cat Empire


This song is from the same genre as Miss America, the song that Altos Music is doing for our music video.

The first key shot is from the beginning


This medium shot is key to this video because it establishes the narrative, resolving previous guilt of the protagonist/star. The basketball in the center of the shot shows the setting, in tandem with the ‘cup’ text, as a basketball game.


This medium long shot establishes the band, The Cat Empire are an Australian band focusing on jazz-rock music. This shot is key because it sets up the star image (center) as well as advance the narrative of one of the basketball teams.


This medium long shot comes immediately after the prior one, advancing the narrative further by presenting the opposing team.


The above medium close up shows the star’s father, this shot is key due to it being the first shot where anyone is lip-syncing. Here the ‘father’ says “…think about your future”. This shot is also key due to the possible intertextual aspect, taking on the idea of an American school comedy.


This shot is key due to it confirming the setting for this music video, it also syncs with the lyric: “It’s hard to concentrate when there’s a basketball game on…”. This then advances the narrative of the basketball game by the game actually starting.


This medium shot advances the narrative by syncing with the end of the line “Harry, you’re going to be a lawyer one day”, advancing the narrative by having the past (particularly the father) win the first point in the game, showing the teenage struggle of the star/band.


The above medium shot is particularly key because it’s the first shot the viewer sees of the star actually singing and syncing with the lyrics of the song, this is key because it follows Goodwin’s theory of projecting the star image, having him sing to the camera, as well as having him in a fairly close shot presenting him as the protagonist of the narrative.


This medium shot is also key due to it advancing the narrative, like most of them, this shot does this by showing the past version of his nemesis’ girlfriend, whom he had a crush on. In which a fight ensues.


Finally, this medium close up is key to the music video because it almost completes the narrative, the fight that ensues due to Peter Parsons bragging, this fight ensues, before The Cat Empire ultimately lose the match. The mise-en-scene of this shot shows the chaos and fighting, possibly showing the struggle of The Cat Empire, but mostly just because they thought it was fun.

Joel Kefali – Music Video Director


The music video director Joel Kefali has directed videos for famous artists like Lorde and Katy Perry. Kefali follows aspects of Goodwin’s theory, and has the star as the main image in the video, in Katy Perry’s video ‘This Is How We Do’, Perry is, if in frame, in the centre of the frame.


‘This Is How We Do’ – Katy Perry

This is also emphasised in the video he directed for Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’, in which she stands in frame against a black background. In this video the only lip-syncing she does is the word ‘yeah’, other than that she stands in frame not doing much.


‘Tennis Court’ – Lorde

Neither of these videos follow any form of narrative, however in Lorde’s most famous song, ‘Royals’ Kefali uses a narrative along with close-ups of Lorde, this still follows his usual style following Goodwin’s theory, however the narrative is an anomaly.


‘Royals’ – Lorde (Performance)


‘Royals’ – Lorde (Narrative)

Another anomaly of Kefali’s works is ‘Mmmhmm’ by Flying Lotus. This video could be considered a Kefali anomaly because it’s majoritively conceptual. It’s conceptual provides the viewer with a god like image of the performer, floating in space.

Altos Music is taking the most inspiration from Tennis Court due to the solidarity against a black background for out music video.

I take inspiration from Kefali due to the majority of his music videos have a simple premise but go into more detail and become more extravagant and conceptual. In our original UMV I intend to include the simplistic black background as seen in Tennis Court.