Joel Kefali – Music Video Director


The music video director Joel Kefali has directed videos for famous artists like Lorde and Katy Perry. Kefali follows aspects of Goodwin’s theory, and has the star as the main image in the video, in Katy Perry’s video ‘This Is How We Do’, Perry is, if in frame, in the centre of the frame.


‘This Is How We Do’ – Katy Perry

This is also emphasised in the video he directed for Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’, in which she stands in frame against a black background. In this video the only lip-syncing she does is the word ‘yeah’, other than that she stands in frame not doing much.


‘Tennis Court’ – Lorde

Neither of these videos follow any form of narrative, however in Lorde’s most famous song, ‘Royals’ Kefali uses a narrative along with close-ups of Lorde, this still follows his usual style following Goodwin’s theory, however the narrative is an anomaly.


‘Royals’ – Lorde (Performance)


‘Royals’ – Lorde (Narrative)

Another anomaly of Kefali’s works is ‘Mmmhmm’ by Flying Lotus. This video could be considered a Kefali anomaly because it’s majoritively conceptual. It’s conceptual provides the viewer with a god like image of the performer, floating in space.

Altos Music is taking the most inspiration from Tennis Court due to the solidarity against a black background for out music video.

I take inspiration from Kefali due to the majority of his music videos have a simple premise but go into more detail and become more extravagant and conceptual. In our original UMV I intend to include the simplistic black background as seen in Tennis Court.