Production Log DFM – Edits & Digipak + drawback


Gwilym has now begun work on editing the photos for the digipak; whilst that’s occuring I’ve been getting on with the editing. Trying to set up a time that we’re able to re-film some clips due to lighting differences.

We also took pictures of the band members and instruments after we had filmed so that we were able to maximise our time as well as use our time more efficiently


Production Log DFM – Vocals and Editing


Editing has begun! I have begun editing the first minute or so: [Insert Screen Cap]

We have also been able to finish filming the vocals (including backing vocals).

Music Video cast and costumes


Cast & Costumes

This is what each of our cast are going to be wearing along with their roles in the video. For the costume we went with a more smart casual look to represent the more melancholic feel of the song. We also decided upon Zeph Stone as our singer because, as an actor, can easily get a melancholic, upset look. For the drummer Gwilym and I decided upon Tom Bevan because he’s a drummer, and a good one at that

Music Video Ideas – ‘Don’t Forget Me’


In contrast to our original more complex idea for ‘Miss America’, the idea for ‘Don’t Forget Me’ will focus more on the performance than concept/narrative; that being said there will still be conceptual scenes throughout the video.

For these conceptual ideas we created a mind map to narrow down our ideas. However, due to technological troubles (the phone that the picture was taken on breaking) we no longer have the photo.