‘Don’t Forget Me’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers


Due to the change of our idea, Gwilym and I have decided to choose the slow paced, rock song; ‘Don’t Forget Me’ by the famous Alt Rock band ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’. We have chosen this because our current idea is to have a pure performance music video.


Audience Research – Interviews


For audience research; Gwilym and I made a short interview with different people’s opinions on music videos and their thoughts on certain genre’s.

The interviews are very simple and fairly short, being on average only 2 minutes. Despite this, however, we got a lot of useful information, such as what the majority of them think that the video for a ‘Smooth Jazz Rock’ song would have, as well as the fact that most people prefer a narrative based video.

Magazine Adverts


Green Day 21st Century Breakdown magazine advert

This magazine advert shows the main album art along with information, quite simplistic. The font for the information is the same as the album font, making it easier for the target audience to become enticed. What’s striking about this advert is that the album is the main focus, as opposed to other magazine adverts which follow Goodwin’s aspects in which the ‘star’ is the main image and focus.


This Stereophonics advert is similar, just with its differences. For one it’s advertising their newest album ‘Keep the village alive’ (for which the artwork is:stereophonics_-_keep_the_village_alive_album_cover) and instead focuses on the band themselves. However, it does include the same information, such as some singles, i.e. ‘C’est La Vie’. And as visible in the Green Day advertisement, it says “Includes the single Know Your Enemy”.

Both of these adverts have the most effective way of branding, have the bands name as a large focus, both of which are at the top of the advert, in a bold font and colour, for the Green Day the white contrasts the black of the graffiti, making it look somewhat realistic, whereas the Stereophonics one looks more artificial however the dark blue contrasts the white wall.

From these I can gather that a successful advert in a magazine is brief and to the point, saying that the album is out, yet stands out to make the reader want to read more and become more intrigued.

‘Madam Erica’ – Hot Chick Banged – Practice Edit


For our practice edit, Gwilym and myself have chosen to take the first 20-30 seconds of ‘Madam Erica’ by the German band Hot Chick Banged, and completely recreate it with the same editing, mise-en-scene and camera work. This video entails a man eating alone at a table (relating to main setting of our video) as well as individual shots of band members which we may include in our original UMV (unofficial music video) for That Handsome Devil.

We are doing this practice shoot to make sure we are able to; edit to the beat, as well as lip sync the visuals to the audio (which we can only do within the last 5 or so seconds). For editing to the beat, we decided that this was the best mutually liked song for it due to the fast paced editing relating to the introduction guitar riff and the drums.

For this practice shoot we aren’t going to hire any actors/musicians, instead Gwilym and I are going to do different parts our selves, an advantage to having individual shots of the band members is that we can multi-role. Gwilym is being; the man at the table, the drummer and the bassist and I am going to be; the singer and both guitarists. For this shoot we have made a list of everything that we shall need: list-for-practice-shootThis is the storyboard for our reproduction of the music video:


Whilst this practice task was useful, we did not manage to complete the filming and so have bits of the footage from the first 30 seconds of the song, fortunately we did manage to shoot all of the narrative footage needed.

Although we did not finish filming, we did learn an important lesson; when it comes to location, book it and make sure it’s available. We learnt this by not having a location, which is why we did not finish filming.

Digipaks – Research


The CD DigiPak (or CD Digi-pak) is a modern, stylish alternative to the standard CD Jewel Case.” – Disc Factory


Michael Jackson – This Is It Digipak

This example of a digipak shows the more ‘stylish alternative’ to the regular CD case by having more exemplified and eccentric artwork.

Digipaks are an alternative to the standard production of CD’s; they are mainly made with card and usually involve a panel that needs to be folded out. Not only that, but they more often than not have an insert within them as well, mostly in the format of a booklet; the booklet normally includes lyrics to the songs on the album or a description/quote from the band or artist…or both.

Occasionally, Digipak’s include exclusive internal artwork too, such as of the band or just something with a good aesthetic.

The jewel case is the most common form of CD packaging, the Disc Factory’s quote tells us that they are the standard plastic casing for CD’s, occasionally with a slip of paper or booklet with the front cover on it;

This Pendulum digipak emphasises the Disc Factory quote, the stylish nature of this digipak not only helps entice its audience but also present itself as a unique piece when on shelves.

‘The Rolling Stones’ album ‘Grrr’ came, in a deluxe edition, as a digipak:


Rolling Stones ‘Grrr’ digipak

This digipak keeps to the generic conventions of digipaks: i.e. it’s made of cardboard, it folds out and has an insert.

AC/DC’s digipak for ‘Fly On The Wall’ is reminiscent towards when LP’s were the main platform to distribute one’s music. Further into their timeline; AC/DC re-released all of their albums as digipaks in honor of said LP’s.

9 Key Shots – ‘The Car Song’ – The Cat Empire


This song is from the same genre as Miss America, the song that Altos Music is doing for our music video.

The first key shot is from the beginning


This medium shot is key to this video because it establishes the narrative, resolving previous guilt of the protagonist/star. The basketball in the center of the shot shows the setting, in tandem with the ‘cup’ text, as a basketball game.


This medium long shot establishes the band, The Cat Empire are an Australian band focusing on jazz-rock music. This shot is key because it sets up the star image (center) as well as advance the narrative of one of the basketball teams.


This medium long shot comes immediately after the prior one, advancing the narrative further by presenting the opposing team.


The above medium close up shows the star’s father, this shot is key due to it being the first shot where anyone is lip-syncing. Here the ‘father’ says “…think about your future”. This shot is also key due to the possible intertextual aspect, taking on the idea of an American school comedy.


This shot is key due to it confirming the setting for this music video, it also syncs with the lyric: “It’s hard to concentrate when there’s a basketball game on…”. This then advances the narrative of the basketball game by the game actually starting.


This medium shot advances the narrative by syncing with the end of the line “Harry, you’re going to be a lawyer one day”, advancing the narrative by having the past (particularly the father) win the first point in the game, showing the teenage struggle of the star/band.


The above medium shot is particularly key because it’s the first shot the viewer sees of the star actually singing and syncing with the lyrics of the song, this is key because it follows Goodwin’s theory of projecting the star image, having him sing to the camera, as well as having him in a fairly close shot presenting him as the protagonist of the narrative.


This medium shot is also key due to it advancing the narrative, like most of them, this shot does this by showing the past version of his nemesis’ girlfriend, whom he had a crush on. In which a fight ensues.


Finally, this medium close up is key to the music video because it almost completes the narrative, the fight that ensues due to Peter Parsons bragging, this fight ensues, before The Cat Empire ultimately lose the match. The mise-en-scene of this shot shows the chaos and fighting, possibly showing the struggle of The Cat Empire, but mostly just because they thought it was fun.



A music video with a song consisting of a similar genre would be The Cat Empire – The Car Song

The Car Song’s genre is jazz-rock, the same as Miss America, in fact it’s very similar only faster, and obviously singing something different. In fact due to the fast paced nature of the song, the video is fast paced too, reflecting the lyrics and ‘teenage’ singer. This relates to our idea for a music video because the video will be quite slow paced like the music.

In this video, the lyrical content is reflective of teenage pressure from their parents, i.e. “Harry, you’re gonna be a lawyer someday’. However, the video does not reflect this apart from the fact that the teens are playing basketball against teachers and parents. Similarly to this, our video will be related to the song at certain parts, such as “Rebecca was a quiet girl, behind the wheel with a mouth full of diet pills“, in which we plan to have a girl in a parked car trying to overdose on drugs.

In this video, there is only a slight amount of performing, with the vocalist singing in tandem with the video. In our music video we intend to do the same, focus on the conceptual side of the video, but have parts of performance, for example we intend to have people around a table playing cards (linking to the jazz feel) and have some performance, possibly of the instruments as well as the vocals, which is a part where we will differentiate.

The basketball setting relates to the upbeat, teenage feeling of the song, discovering individuality and finding yourself, and basketball is a fast paced sport where a lot of different people can play (it also relates to the line “It’s hard when there’s a basketball game“). For our video of Miss America we are going to differentiate with this one because we do not intend to have a setting relating to the lyrics as the main set, instead it will be fragmental.