Magazine Advert


This is the promotional magazine advert for our album ‘Loading Compassion’:Magazine Ad 2 copy.jpg


Photo Shoot


These are the best photos that we have taken for our digipak cover and magazine advert.

Gwilym and I decided that a picture of the band best relates to the genre, considering in Rock there is either artwork or a picture of the band (i.e. for the magazine advert as I’ve examined in my study of them, the Stereophonics’ magazine advert:Stereo.jpg

Here, the band are all clearly visible and by the clothes they are wearing you are able to tell that they are an Alternative Rock band.)

Magazine Adverts


Green Day 21st Century Breakdown magazine advert

This magazine advert shows the main album art along with information, quite simplistic. The font for the information is the same as the album font, making it easier for the target audience to become enticed. What’s striking about this advert is that the album is the main focus, as opposed to other magazine adverts which follow Goodwin’s aspects in which the ‘star’ is the main image and focus.


This Stereophonics advert is similar, just with its differences. For one it’s advertising their newest album ‘Keep the village alive’ (for which the artwork is:stereophonics_-_keep_the_village_alive_album_cover) and instead focuses on the band themselves. However, it does include the same information, such as some singles, i.e. ‘C’est La Vie’. And as visible in the Green Day advertisement, it says “Includes the single Know Your Enemy”.

Both of these adverts have the most effective way of branding, have the bands name as a large focus, both of which are at the top of the advert, in a bold font and colour, for the Green Day the white contrasts the black of the graffiti, making it look somewhat realistic, whereas the Stereophonics one looks more artificial however the dark blue contrasts the white wall.

From these I can gather that a successful advert in a magazine is brief and to the point, saying that the album is out, yet stands out to make the reader want to read more and become more intrigued.