This is the digipak for the album: ‘Loading Compassion’ by our fake band ‘Cannon Fodder’:

Digi-Pak guides.jpg

Digipak with panels names and guidelines

Digi-Pak (1).jpg

Our Digipak without the guidelines

On this digipak we decided to create our own track names, bar the name of the song we created the video for. The made up tracks are: ‘Insertion Interior’, ‘Catapult Until Overdrive’, ‘California Cream’, ‘Heaven’s Flaw’, ‘Explosive Optimism’, ‘Track of Indecision’, ‘How to Fake Realism’, ‘Mutual Terrorism’, ‘Lacking Creativity’, ‘Eventual Sunset’ and finally ‘Sin is Sexy’. These fake tracks are intended to be names that ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ could use, particularly ‘California Cream’ due to many of their songs being about California, e.g. ‘Californication’ and ‘Dani California’


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