Digipaks – Research


The CD DigiPak (or CD Digi-pak) is a modern, stylish alternative to the standard CD Jewel Case.” – Disc Factory


Michael Jackson – This Is It Digipak

This example of a digipak shows the more ‘stylish alternative’ to the regular CD case by having more exemplified and eccentric artwork.

Digipaks are an alternative to the standard production of CD’s; they are mainly made with card and usually involve a panel that needs to be folded out. Not only that, but they more often than not have an insert within them as well, mostly in the format of a booklet; the booklet normally includes lyrics to the songs on the album or a description/quote from the band or artist…or both.

Occasionally, Digipak’s include exclusive internal artwork too, such as of the band or just something with a good aesthetic.

The jewel case is the most common form of CD packaging, the Disc Factory’s quote tells us that they are the standard plastic casing for CD’s, occasionally with a slip of paper or booklet with the front cover on it;

This Pendulum digipak emphasises the Disc Factory quote, the stylish nature of this digipak not only helps entice its audience but also present itself as a unique piece when on shelves.

‘The Rolling Stones’ album ‘Grrr’ came, in a deluxe edition, as a digipak:


Rolling Stones ‘Grrr’ digipak

This digipak keeps to the generic conventions of digipaks: i.e. it’s made of cardboard, it folds out and has an insert.

AC/DC’s digipak for ‘Fly On The Wall’ is reminiscent towards when LP’s were the main platform to distribute one’s music. Further into their timeline; AC/DC re-released all of their albums as digipaks in honor of said LP’s.


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