A music video with a song consisting of a similar genre would be The Cat Empire – The Car Song

The Car Song’s genre is jazz-rock, the same as Miss America, in fact it’s very similar only faster, and obviously singing something different. In fact due to the fast paced nature of the song, the video is fast paced too, reflecting the lyrics and ‘teenage’ singer. This relates to our idea for a music video because the video will be quite slow paced like the music.

In this video, the lyrical content is reflective of teenage pressure from their parents, i.e. “Harry, you’re gonna be a lawyer someday’. However, the video does not reflect this apart from the fact that the teens are playing basketball against teachers and parents. Similarly to this, our video will be related to the song at certain parts, such as “Rebecca was a quiet girl, behind the wheel with a mouth full of diet pills“, in which we plan to have a girl in a parked car trying to overdose on drugs.

In this video, there is only a slight amount of performing, with the vocalist singing in tandem with the video. In our music video we intend to do the same, focus on the conceptual side of the video, but have parts of performance, for example we intend to have people around a table playing cards (linking to the jazz feel) and have some performance, possibly of the instruments as well as the vocals, which is a part where we will differentiate.

The basketball setting relates to the upbeat, teenage feeling of the song, discovering individuality and finding yourself, and basketball is a fast paced sport where a lot of different people can play (it also relates to the line “It’s hard when there’s a basketball game“). For our video of Miss America we are going to differentiate with this one because we do not intend to have a setting relating to the lyrics as the main set, instead it will be fragmental.


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