Andrew Goodwin’s ‘Dancing in the Distraction Factory’


Listed from this book are the top five things from a music video:

  1. ‘Thought Beats’ – Counting the beats in your head or “where you picture sounds in your mind’s eye”. This ‘technique’ is vital for music videos as the pacing needs to be perfect.
  2. Narrative and Performance – The majority of modern music videos have a mixed narrative and performance, the performance being the artist or band performing and the narrative being an intertwined, dissected story. However this is not the case for all music videos, for example Adele is just her singing because that’s what sets her apart and sells, on the other hand; Sia doesn’t perform as part of a moral thing.
  3. Star Image – The selling point of the video, why the viewer is there in the first place. This relates greatly to intertextuality, through the example of Madonna and in a video of hers she used many traits from a Marilyn Monroe film, which the viewer imediately identifies and relates to through a shared cultural background.
  4. Relation between music video visuals and song
  5. Technical aspects

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