Gorillaz – ‘Clint Eastwood’ Analysis


Gorillaz are an Indie Rock band. This is evident from the music video for their single ‘Clint Eastwood’. Gorillaz revolutionized the music video industry by, not only animating it, but giving their animated characters names, which are continuous throughout all of their songs. In the band there is the lead singer: ‘2-D’, the bassist and secondary singer ‘Noodles’, the drummer ‘Russel’ and the guitarist ‘Murdoc’. This music video is evidence that they are an Indie Rock band due to the fact that the animated characters show the fact that this video is a performance-based, a long with, in contradiction to ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, a very evident narrative.

In this music video, in which there are a bunch of prime apes dancing, there is no real link between the lyrics and the video, this is the same with the music.

The video for ‘Clint Eastwood’ does not include any voyeurism due to the fact that there is just the band, and the gorilla’s. This video also does not contain any intertextual references.

The use of the ‘camera’ in this video is used in such a way that shows the main theme of the video itself, as there is no real correlation between the music and visuals. The theme of the video is supposed to be comedic with an essence of gothic. The camera shows this by slowly zooming out when the grave’s appear. This gives the viewer a clear sense of the gothic and the bad that is about to happen to these characters.



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